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Future Engineering
future maritime forum
King’s College London
Great Hall on the Strand
21 October 2024
Welcome to FMF - Future Maritime Forum
Shaping Tomorrow's Seas Today! 
Novel Fuels and Technologies for Operational Maritime Excellence

The maritime industry is not just a powerhouse of the global economy but also a beacon of sustainability and technological brilliance.

The inaugural Future Maritime Forum, organised by the University of Buckingham Press in partnership with the University of Buckingham, with The International Journal of Maritime Engineering and The Royal Institution of Naval Architects as Media Partners is set to be a game-changer. We are bringing together the trailblazers, the thought leaders, and the experts who will shape the future of the maritime and shipping industry.

Conference presentation
About the Event

The Future Maritime Forum is not just a gathering; it's a catalyst for change. From the integration of sustainable fuel sources to novel ship and engine designs and technologies, the embrace of AI, automation, and advanced tracking systems – we are setting sail toward a future that's efficient, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced.



Why does it matter?


The maritime sector is a linchpin in the global economy with profound impacts on the environment, technology, and the lives of seafarers. The decisions we make today will resonate through the waves for decades to come.

Who will be there?

Ship owners, fleet managers, engineers, environmental officers, technology producers, EPC suppliers, legal and finance providers, maritime infrastructure developers, naval architects, policymakers, and researchers – a convergence of minds committed to a sustainable and technologically advanced maritime future.

What to expect?


Novel Fuels and Technologies

  • Novel vessel and engine designs and technologies

  • Technology integration and maritime vessels efficiency enhancement

  • Post Fossil Fuel Future and Sustainable Fuel Sources for the Maritime Industry

  • Hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia derivative fuels

  • Scaling up fuel supplies and infrastructure

  • Regulatory reforms for reducing emissions

  • International collaboration to achieve decarbonisation goals


IoT Based Solutions, AI, and the Metaverse. Application of Immersive Technologies in the Maritime Industry

  • IoT applications for port management, navigation, and vessel monitoring

  • Satellite and blockchain technologies for real-time tracking and security

  • Advancements in maritime AI for safety and sustainability

  • The future of fully autonomous and remotely controlled vessels for improved safety and efficiency

  • Smart port solutions for environmental monitoring and improved connectivity

  • Digitalization and automation for streamlined operations, Integration of machine learning and enhancing workforce skills through immersive technologies

What's on
Speakers 2024

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe

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future maritime forum
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